Topics for this month:

Change4Life Campaign by Public Health England

Change 4 Life Campaign was launched on 2nd January 2019, as new figures show that children have already exceeded the maximum recommended sugar intake for an 18 year old, by the time they have reached their 10th birthday.

To help parents/carers and young people manage this, Change4Life is encouraging them to ‘Make a swap when you next shop’. Making simple everyday swaps can reduce children’s sugar intake from some products such as: yoghurts; drinks; breakfast cereals, by half- whilst giving them healthier versions of the foods and drinks they enjoy.

Please access the following link for more information:

Autism ‘Attention Card’

By registering for an Attention card, your details are red flagged to say that you have a person with you with autism, which means that if you are in a difficult situation or an accident, responding officers will know that appropriate support will need to be put in place for that individual. The card is incredibly beneficial to children, teenagers and adults and is completely free.

The Attention Card confirms ‘The person you have with you will have a medical diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Condition’. They should be treated as a vulnerable person and PACE 1984 guidelines should be followed. When you apply for an Attention Card you are given the option for the applicant’s difficulties to be recorded onto Cheshire or Merseyside Police’s intelligence system. This means that in an emergency, irrespective of whether they are carrying the card or Autism Code Keyring, the issues they have will be acknowledged, and appropriate support given.

For more information about the Attention Card, and access to the application forms, please follow the link below:

Cervical Cancer Prevention Week
Cervical Cancer Prevention Week will be taking place from today, 21st – 27th January 2019. 2 women lose their lives every day to cervical cancer, whilst 9 women are diagnosed with cervical cancer every day. It has been highlighted that 75% of cervical cancers can be prevented by cervical screening.

It is important that all women and people with a cervix know how cervical cancer can be prevented. This means:

  • Attending cervical screening when invited
  • Knowing the symptoms of cervical cancer and seeking medical advice if experiencing any
  • Taking up the HPV vaccination if aged 11-18
  • Knowing where to find support and further information

For detailed information, please visit:

Safer Internet Day

Safer Internet Day will take place on Tuesday 5th February 2019. Please have a look at the posters and resources to see how you can get involved in Safer Internet Day, take part in a range of social media activities, information on handling disclosures etc.

The NSPCC’s Net Aware website provides handy guides and risk ratings for parents and carers on some of the most popular online gaming and social media apps that young people may be using.




Grand Theft Auto:

Risk ratings for popular social media apps:

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Did you know?…

Technology is continuously expanding, and in every 60 seconds…

  • 168 million emails are sent
  • 694,445 search queries are made with Google
  • 11,000 iPhone applications are downloaded
  • 320+ new Twitter accounts are set up
  • 98,300 tweets are published
  • 370,000 voice calls are made on Skype
  • 100+ new LinkedIn accounts are set up