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‘New’ Apprenticeship Standards – 5 FAQ’s

From May, JTM will be launching new apprenticeship standards in conjunction with our employers. It’s important to understand the main differences between a ‘standard’ and the old apprenticeship ‘framework’. We’ve put together five frequently asked questions to help differentiate the two.

1. What do Standards entail?
Apprenticeships are commonly associated with a practical skillset and application. ‘Standards’ take this one step further, with an equal emphasis on the knowledge our learners develop and the behaviour that our employers require, making for a more ‘well-rounded’ experience for everyone involved. This is known as Knowledge, Skills and Behaviour.

2. Who designs Standards?
The new Apprenticeship Standards have been designed by employer ‘trailblazer’ groups. What may surprise you is that the minimum number of employers needed to design each standard is 10 – this is to ensure the content delivered consistently reflects the industry demands.

3. How are Standards summarised?
The summary for each Standard will be no longer than two pages, making it easier for both employers and learners to understand what is required, and included in the Standard. The most important information such as job role, duration of programme, knowledge, skills, and behaviour and what qualifications are available will be clearly stated in the summary.

4. How are Standards assessed?
Apprenticeship frameworks were achieved through on-programme assessment, which involved the assessor and their learner building a portfolio of work over the duration of the programme. With the new Standards, this has changed to an ‘end-point assessment’, which is carried out at the end of a programme and allows the learner to show everything they have learnt during this time. Each standard will differ, but the most common methods of EPA include; work-based observation, written tests, review of work and professional discussions.

5. Have all Frameworks been replaced?
New Standards are being approved each day as new job roles and skill areas are identified, but there are still frameworks that have not been replaced just yet. The funding for these will continue (albeit reduced). For example; JTM will continue to offer learners and employers Apprenticeship Frameworks in Leadership & Management L5 and Business Administration until a Standard replaces them.

If you have any questions about the new Apprenticeship Standards, please contact us by phone today on 01513369340, by e-mail at or speak to an agent on our live chat.

International Women’s Day!

Today is International Women’s Day, and the campaign theme is ‘Be Bold For Change’.

“International Women’s Day celebrates the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. Yet progress has slowed in many places across the world, so global action is needed to accelerate gender parity. In 2016 leaders across the world pledged to take action as champions of gender parity – not only for International Women’s Day, but for every day. Groups and individuals also pledged their support. In 2017, if leaders are seeking to declare their bold action via the IWD website and show their support for women’s advancement, please see details.”

How does this relate to apprenticeships?

Well, young women are falling short in apprenticeships, being misrepresented, achieving poorer outcomes and being paid less than their male counterparts, according to a report from the Young Women’s Trust charity.

The report suggests that in sector subject areas such as engineering, there are less women making up the numbers than ten years ago. Nadia Khomani, editor at the Guardian states: “For every female apprentice working within engineering, there are 25 male apprentices”.

Click here for more information on The Young Women’s Trust.

One of the main problems is that over 50% of young women apprentices are only interested in five subject areas – the same proportion of young men generally work across ten areas. There are also a greater number of women to men who do not secure full-time employment after their apprenticeship. In 2016, Mike Thompson, director of apprenticeships at Barclays, labelled the findings “worrying”.

Jarvis Training Management are a proud advocate of equality and diversity and would like to invite you all to celebrate #InternationalWomensDay with us.

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National Careers Week!

This week is National Careers Week! Bringing training providers, students and employers together through a range of activities and events until Friday 10th March.

Founded by volunteers with experience in business, education and careers advice, this week is to celebrate educational achievements and give employers the exposure they deserve.

National Careers Week is encouraging NHS organisations to promote the service and raise young people’s awareness in schools, colleges and training centres across the country.

This is also an opportunity for employers to showcase the success stories of apprentices that have successfully gained employment through themselves.

More importantly, this week is to raise awareness on how important good careers education is in schools and colleges nationally, and this is something JTM are proud to be a part of.

It’s also National Apprenticeship Week, so if you’d like to find out more about the apprenticeships, courses or training we provide, get in touch by phone on 01513369340, by e-mail at or speak to an agent on our live chat!

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